Timiza Usafi Project (TUP), a WaterWorX (WWX) initiative of the Netherlands government, is being implemented through Dunea N.V as the Dutch utility taking the lead in offering technical assistance to Homa Bay Water and Sanitation Co. Ltd. (Homawasco) in all the departments.

TUP is a long term engagement of 13 years, beginning in 2018 to 2030, divided into two (2) phases of Phase I – 2018 to 2021 and Phase II – 2022 to 2030. The end target is to increase the coverage and access to potable water and sanitation services to the people of Homa Bay County.

The project aims to increase human resource capacity of the company while investing in small strategic infrastructural investments. Year 1 of the 1st phase was designed for development of respective plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs). However, the development of these plans need accompanying measures to be fused with the infrastructure in mind in order to have comparative data as a baseline for measuring growth and output.