1.1. Project Outline
Homa-Bay Water and Sanitation Services Company Limited was incorporated on 27th June 2006 to provide efficient water and sewerage services to the residents of Homa Bay County. The company has over the years been evolving from a government managed water service provision organization to a socially responsible and sustainable managed water & sewerage provision company as envisaged in the Water Act 2002.

The Company has signed a service provision agreement with Lake Victoria South Water Services Board to provide water and sanitation services in Homa-Bay County. The Company is currently managing five water supply schemes and Homa-Bay Sewerage System Section 57(2) of the Water Act requires WASREB to issue licences to WSPs based on technical and commercial capability.

Homa-Bay County Water and Sanitation Company(HOMAWASCO) Limited has a Water Service Provision Agreement with Lake Victoria South Water Services Board as an agent for water supply and sanitation/sewerage provision. The Government of Kenya has received a loan from the African Development Bank and has on-lend part of the loan to Rift Valley Water Services Board (RVWSB) on behalf of Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB) under the Kenya Towns Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Program.

The Client/Implementing Agency-RVWSB on behalf of the Executing Agency-LVSWSB subsequently engaged Howard Humphreys East Africa Ltd (HHEA) to undertake the assignment whose overall objective is to provide engineering services for the Kendu Bay and Oyugis Water and Sanitation


Kendu Bay is within Rachuonyo Sub County, Homa Bay County. The town is located about 70km from Kisumu Town on the shores of Lake Victoria along C19 Homa Bay-Mbita road and it is 30km North East of Homa Bay lying at an elevation of 1215m amsl. Kendu Bay is also accessible through the C26 OyugisKendu Bay road. Geographically, Kendu Bay town lies between latitude 0o 15‘South and 0o 52‘South and between longitudes 34o East and 35o East Oyugis town lies within Rachuonyo Sub County, Homa Bay County. It is located about 20km North of Kisii town along the A1 Kisii-Ahero highway. Oyugis lies at an elevation of 1410m amsl.

The geographical coordinates of Oyugis town are 0° 30′ 28.4256” S and 34° 44′ 17.4012” E 250mm HDPE SDR 11 – 3.5Km.

•New junction from intake to new WTP next to the lake – Dia. 280mm HDPE SDR 11 – 0.18Km. •New junction from new WTP next to the lake, to Reservoir tanks (1500m3) at Kasarani – Dia. 250mm HDPE SDR 11 – 3.5Km. •New junction from Asego Hills to Kodoyo junction tanks – Dia.315mm HDPE SDR 17 – 3.5Km. •New junction from Got Asego TW to Asego Hills tanks – 250mm Dia. HDPE SDR 11 – 0.2Km