April 10, 2019

Dunea and partners open water treatment in Kendu Bay.

The first WaterWorX project is launched today and gives 15,000 Kenyans access to safe drinking water.


The activities of Dunea and its partners in the region also lay the foundation for other projects, says Wim Drossaert, CEO of Dunea: “We see that our presence also gives confidence to other organizations. This creates a whole program of initiatives that strengthens the region as a whole. A good example of this is the Football for Water project of the KNVB and Aqua for All. Children learn important life skills through football and at the same time water and sanitation are installed. That project, in which Dunea also plays a supporting role, builds on the contacts we have gained in this region. “

The role of Amref Flying Doctors is of great importance for reaching the poorest with water supply, emphasizes Drossaert. “Amref is not only an important co-financier in the project, they also ensure that we get the trust of the local population. Amref is strongly rooted in Kenya and has a large network. That makes it a lot easier for us to do our work. “

Patricia Vermeulen, CEO of Amref Flying Doctors, emphasizes the importance of water and good sanitation for sustainable development: “Everyone has the right to clean drinking water and a safe toilet. That is the basis for good health and thus further economic development for every family, village and country. We are a proud partner of Dunea in Homa Bay, where together we ensure that 15,000 people will have clean drinking water and are willing to pay for it. In this way we work on a truly sustainable solution for a clean drinking water supply in the communities. “

Dunea abroad

One drop of water can set a pond in motion. One helping hand makes a world of difference. With this in mind, we use our Dutch water knowledge across the border. Together with our partners we help people in Mozambique and Kenya, among other things, with clean drinking water and better living conditions. Because water from the tap should be normal for everyone.