Supply Chain Management is all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption.  It is one of the six departments in HOMAWASCO. It is headed by the Supply Chain Manager. There is equally a Procurement Clerk and Stores Clerk. There is usually an opportunity for atleast one intern in the department. It is divided into 2 sections i.e Procurement section and Stores section.

  1. Procurement section

Procurement is the process of acquisition and delivery of the required Goods and Services, or Works by way of purchase, lease, hire purchase, license, tenancy, franchise or by contractual means of any type of works, assets services or goods in any combination. This section ensures that


  1. To spell out standard procurement practice and procedures.
  2. To provide easily understood advice, guidance and operation instructions on all matters relating to procurement of goods, services and works within the WSP.
  3. To specify duties and responsibilities of HOMAWASCO personnel involved in the procurement process.
  4. To introduce procurement guidelines applicable to HOMWASCO and internalize compliance with the provisions of Public Procurement and Disposal Act.
  5. Facilitate efficient accountability of resources availed for acquisition for required Goods, Services and works.
  6. To inculcate professionalism in procurement with a view to obtaining best value for money.
  7. To act as a basic training tool in procurement, for HOMAWASCO’s employees and act as a reference document for persons involved in making procurement decisions within HOMAWASCO.
  8. Facilitate easy monitoring of all procurement plans.

Procurement objectives:

  1. To assure quality
  2. To assure on-schedule delivery
  3. To obtain reasonable prices
  4. To assure compliance with the Public Procurement and Disposal Act.
  5. To effectively serve our customers


To be a world-class provider of professional and good-first-time procurement service to all users.


To manage the effective and efficient procurement of quality products and services at the best value from reputable vendors through outstanding customer service, first-rate supply chain management, while maintaining unyielding integrity and adherence to all procurement by-laws.

 Principles and Values of HOMAWASCO’S Procurement

We strive to: –

  1. Continually improve communications with customers and suppliers.
  2. Promote the utilization of technology to simplify operations,
  3. Add the value of procured goods and services,
  4. Enhance diversity by promoting opportunities for all.
  5. Ensure we behave in a way that is consistent with the mission set.
  6. Adhere to high standards of corporate governance and professional ethics.
  7. Deliver a sustainable stakeholder value.

2. Stores Section

This section is responsible for receiving, storing, issuing and accounting for stocks in all stores and coordinating the setting of stock levels, responsible for the inventory management processes that trigger timely replenishment of stocks including raising of supply requisitions and compiling the list for disposal of obsolete, scrap and surplus stocks.