HOMAWASCO has a section in the Managing Director Office called Public Relation Office which under it we have Customer Care section. In this section customer satisfaction is our priority and meeting our customers’ expectations. The section also deals with customer complain log in and making sure customer complaints are solved at recommended time limit and water procedures are also made clear to our esteemed customers.

Roles and Duties

  • Develop marketing communications and Coordinate all public relations activities.
  • Develop media relationships and engage audiences across traditional and social media.
  • Monitor, analyze and communicate PR results on a quarterly basis
  • Provide accurate, valid and complete information on water bill payment mode, registration and reconnection procedures to all clients.
  • Ensure you login customers complaints/compliments and provide appropriate solutions within the time limits


New Water Connection to Water Supply

  • Download a form from HOMAWASCO website for new connection OR visit HOMAWASCO office.
  • Fill application forms for new connections at approved charge.
  • Customer Care Officer and Zonal officer guides every applicant on how to fill the form correctly and register completed forms.
  • A survey for the new connection is done by the Zonal Officer to determine the requirements for the new connection within 24 hours of registering the application forms and payment of requisite survey fees.
  • Zonal Officer does a  quotation  for materials to be bought by the customer after survey
  • HOMAWASCO staff will be available to inspect all plumbing work done before effecting any service connection.
  • Connection is effected within one day once the pipe laying works is completed.
  • The customer will receive his or her first bill within one month from the connection date.

 Payment for Services

Customers will find it easier to make payments through range of channels by:

  1. Sending bills with notification indicating customer position of indebtedness
  2. Reminding customers to settle their bills through notification by sending sms
  3. Our payments are made through KCB bank, Post Bank, cheques and mpesa (our pay bill 169595)
  4. Requesting customers to accompany payments with the latest bill to provide details of accounts.
  5. Giving 14 days’ notice on the monthly bill to disconnect customers who are in arrears.
  6. Billing on the actual consumption after cut off after which no billing will be done.
  7. Allowing a customer to have access to his/her detailed statement of account at all times during office hours
  8. HOMAWASCO expects all its services to be paid for and advises both its current and potential customers to refrain from the act of:
    • Consuming water illegally
    • Tampering with the HOMAWASCO water meters
    • Water meter bypass
  9. These acts may lead to heavy fines and/or imprisonment as prescribed by the law.

Billing and Bill Distribution

We pledge to provide an accurate billing system through billing software recognized and secure billing process that complies with the best practice billing and bill distribution principles.

This will include:-

  • Monthly meter readings
  • Requesting   customers   to   allow HOMAWSCO  staff access to all meters at all times for the purposes of meter reading and maintenance
  • Timely bill production that shall be within a 30 days billing cycle
  • All our customers will get their bills through phone, that is, sms after bill production.
  • Making our tariffs easy to understand and providing the detail(s) needed
  • Working with the customer to correct and take action any billing anomaly.
  • Allowing the customer to lodge any complaints regarding errors on their bills to HOMAWASCO offices within three months after billing, after which the complaint shall not be valid.
  • Complaints on erroneous bills shall be acted upon within 24 hours. However, in special instances, this period may vary depending on the nature of investigations required, in which case, the customer will be regularly updated on the progress made.

Our billing cycle:-

5th – 9th – Metering reading

10th – 13th – Billing and maintenance

14th – 17th – Bills distribution

18th – 24th – Maintenance and bill reminders

25th – 04th – Revenue collection

Disconnection and Reconnection


Our customer policy aims at discouraging the disconnection of our services, but rather using all available means that give the customer the opportunity to pay. These include:-

  • Sending reminders a day to the due date through sms encouraging prompt payment of bills.
  • Bills posted to be accompanied by a notice to pay before the due date.
  • 14 clear days is given to the customer within which he/she should have paid the water bill.
  • Once in a while carry out physical visits to encourage customers to pay water bill.
  • Confirmation if the customers have not paid before issuing the disconnection orders.
  • Encouraging customers with huge bills to enter into part payment plan.
  • Disconnecting customers who have refused HOMAWASCO staff to entry to their property for meter reading and have unpaid bills.
  • Customers who are disconnected and have taken more than 6 months before paying, a disconnection from the main line will be effected.
  • Effect disconnection as the very last option.


Reconnection will be carried out after:

  • Full payment of the amount on the bill
  • The customer has filled and signed a Part payment agreement to pay the balance by installment.
  • Payment of reconnection fee that is  Kshs. 500
  • All paid up customers will be reconnected within 48 hours.

Customer Complaints

We value customer complaints and compliments, we consider them as feedback/suggestions for improvement we achieve by:-

  • Answering all telephone calls politely.
  • Directing the customer to the relevant officers or office politely
  • Responding to technical and non-technical complaints within 24 hours
  • Advising the customer on what action we will take to rectify the problem.
  • Advising the customer on what part he/she can play to assist in resolving the problem.
  • Providing feedback to all customer queries on the issues addressed verbally, in writing, or through phone
  • Treating the customer’s personal information in the strictest confidence
  • Enabling customers to examine and authorize changes to all their personal information for the purposes of updating the customer database
  • Discussing details of customer service only with themselves or their authorized representative/s.

How to Lodge a Complaint

Customers are encouraged to forward complaints, suggestions and compliments to the under mentioned, either in person, by post, or telephone. While complaints will be treated in confidence, complainants are encouraged to identify themselves to lend credence to their complaints

The Managing Director, or the Finance/Commercial Manager, or the Technical Manager

  • P.O. Box 4-40300 – HOMA BAY
  • Station – HOMAWASCO Offices
  • Location – Along Tom Mboya University Road , adjacent to  TSC offices
  • E-Mail – homawater@gmail.com/ homawater@yahoo.com
  • Website – www.homawasco.co.ke
  • Customer care no – 0717428030

Records of complaints

All complaints shall be recorded at our customer care desk for prompt follow-up and shall also be used for internal performance and processes evaluation and monitoring.

The complaints shall also be used for measuring the quality of our service and shall form the basis for revised targets for improvement and benchmarking.

Customer Commitment

Our Commitment to Care

All Company staff pledge to our current and future customers the highest quality service. We commit to provide a level of customer care, which will at the very least, meet our customers’ expectations and continually improve our standards of quality in every aspect of our services.

Customer Care Declarations

Meeting our expectation, satisfying our customers’ and delivering quality service, it is our mandate. We therefore declare to:

  • Welcome a customer with a smile,
  • Put the needs of the customer first,
  • Treat a customer with courtesy, consideration and respect,
  • Listen and respond appropriately to every customer,
  • Have qualified and supportive staff to deal with customer complaints,
  • Deal with all customer issues with efficiency, fairness and integrity,
  • Provide customers with relevant written information where suitable,
  • Make the customer safe and secure,
  • Be as reliable, honest, and friendly as customers would like us to be.

Customer Responsibilities

For HOMAWASCO to facilitate the provision of clean water and sanitation in a sustainable manner, the customer shall also be expected to do the following:-

  • Treat HOMAWASCO staff with courtesy
  • Pay for bills invoiced promptly.
  • Avail all information requested by HOMAWASCO for execution of service.
  • Facilitate access to meters for proper readings, maintenance and inspection of the supply line.
  • Abide with the legal requirements and cease from acts of illegal connection of water.
  • Raise complaints promptly and within the valid timeline.
  • Avoid collusions and negotiations that would lead to defrauding the organization.
  • Report any pipe leaks/bursts, sewer blockages, missing manhole covers, promptly to the company.
  • Avoid construction of permanent structures on water and sewer service lines.
  • Report to HOMAWASCO all matters deemed to have negative impact on service provision especially any illegal practices observed in their area, and shall treat the reports with utmost confidence.