Customer Complaints

We value customer complaints and compliments, we consider them as feedback/suggestions for improvement we achieve by:-

  • Answering all telephone calls politely.
  • Directing the customer to the relevant officers or office politely
  • Responding to technical and non-technical complaints within 24 hours
  • Advising the customer on what action we will take to rectify the problem.
  • Advising the customer on what part he/she can play to assist in resolving the problem.
  • Providing feedback to all customer queries on the issues addressed verbally, in writing, or through phone
  • Treating the customer’s personal information in the strictest confidence
  • Enabling customers to examine and authorize changes to all their personal information for the purposes of updating the customer database
  • Discussing details of customer service only with themselves or their authorized representative/s.

Customer Care Declarations

We therefore declare to:

  • Welcome a customer with a smile,
  • Put the needs of the customer first,
  • Treat a customer with courtesy, honesty, friendly,consideration and respect,
  • Listen and respond appropriately to every customer,
  • Have qualified and supportive staff to deal with customer complaints,
  • Deal with all customer issues with efficiency, fairness and integrity,
  • Provide customers with relevant written information where suitable,
  • Make the customer safe and secure

Customer Responsibilities

  • Treat HOMAWASCO staff with courtesy
  • Pay for bills invoiced promptly.
  • Avail all information requested by HOMAWASCO for execution of service.
  • Facilitate access to meters for proper readings, maintenance and inspection of the supply line.
  • Abide with the legal requirements and cease from acts of illegal connection of water.
  • Raise complaints promptly and within the valid timeline.
  • Avoid collusions and negotiations that would lead to defrauding the organization.
  • Report any pipe leaks/bursts, sewer blockages, missing manhole covers, illegal practices , promptly to the company.
  • Avoid construction of permanent structures on water and sewer service lines.