HOMAWASCO is mandated to abstract, treat and distribute clean and affordable water to the citizens of Homa Bay County. In this regard, the department endeavors to ensure optimal operation and maintenance the company Assets and most importantly,to produce and distribute affordable water for the people of Homa Bay County.

Structure of the Department

This department is headed by a Technical Manager, who oversees the smooth running of all the departmental sections. The section are as follows:

  1. Operations Section:

This section is headed by Operations Manager. It is responsible for quality water production and distribution. Under the office, works the Scheme Managers for the five schemes, the Sewerage Superintendent, Quality Officer, Laboratory Technicians, Plant attendants, Zonal Officers.

  1. Maintenance Section:

This section is headed by Maintenance Engineer. It is responsible for maintenance of all company Assets. Under this office works the Maintenance Crew comprising of; Mechanical Technician, Electrical Technician and Plumbing Technician.

  1. Asset Development Section:

This section is headed by Asset Development Engineer. It is responsible for development & review of technical designs, implementation and supervision of donor projects. Under this office works the GIS Officer, Draftsman.

  1. Waste water Treatment Section:

This section is headed by Sewerage Superintendent. It is responsible for Waste Water Management.

Role of the Department.

The department is generally in charge of:

  • Ensuring efficient operation of all plants and equipment within HOMAWASCO WATER SCHEMES.
  • Ensure optimal Water Production in all the water supply schemes.
  • Oversee all company donor/company projects designs and implementations.
  • Preparation of Technical Designs for water plants and water distribution networks.
  • Advice management during equipment procurement process.
  • Oversee water meter installations and quality water metering.
  • Reducing Non-Revenue Water in collaboration with Commercial Department.


The department currently focuses on three main areas:

  • Non-Revenue water – reduce from 57% (Wasreb Impact Report 2016/2017) to 45% in the next report.
  • On job training of the departmental staff to improve operational efficiency.

A Proper data collection and analysis to aid in making accurate decision for the company.