Billing and Bill Distribution

We pledge to provide an accurate billing system through billing software recognized and secure billing process that complies with the best practice billing and bill distribution principles.

This will include:-

  • Monthly meter readings
  • Requesting   customers   to   allow HOMAWSCO  staff access to all meters at all times for the purposes of meter reading and maintenance
  • Timely bill production that shall be within a 30 days billing cycle
  • All our customers will get their bills through phone, that is, sms after bill production.
  • Making our tariffs easy to understand and providing the detail(s) needed
  • Working with the customer to correct and take action any billing anomaly.
  • Allowing the customer to lodge any complaints regarding errors on their bills to HOMAWASCO offices within three months after billing, after which the complaint shall not be valid.
  • Complaints on erroneous bills shall be acted upon within 24 hours. However, in special instances, this period may vary depending on the nature of investigations required, in which case, the customer will be regularly updated on the progress made.

Our billing cycle:-

5th – 9th – Metering reading

10th – 13th – Billing and maintenance

14th – 17th – Bills distribution

18th – 24th – Maintenance and bill reminders

25th – 04th – Revenue collection