In Audit, we cherish three major principles: integrity, accountability and transparency. We also espouse open door policy to matters of corruption, risk management and safeguard of company resources.


The Company has a Human Resource policy which is used as a guideline for HR functions.

The Company currently has staff establishment which is at 84 against the proposed number of 150 in the approved structure. The Company has four Heads of departments manned by various personnel as follows:

  • Technical department -Manned  by Technical Manager
  • Human Resource department -Manned  by Human Resource Manager
  • Commercial & Finance department -Manned by Commercial & Finance Manager
  • Audit Department              -Manned  by Audit Manager


Fundamental roles of the Human Resource Manager include the following:

  • Overseeing and coordinating all the Human Resource functions for the entire company.
  • Ensuring provision of guidance and interpretation of Human Resource policies and procedures on salary administration, pension, and medical schemes.
  • Ensuring procedures and policies covering recruitment like; promotions, deployment and performance management are followed by the company.
  • Ensuring establishment of policies on training / career development and succession planning by the company.                   

Capacity building:

The Company is collaborating with development partner’s like Dunea-Water worxs; KIWASNET, LVSWSB and SNV to strengthen staff capacity by organizing short term training’s to fill in gaps in Technical and managerial skills.

The company is also working on performance contracting with targets to improve on individual and company performance.