How can I get new water connection?

The Customer is required to fill a new connection form and with a copy of National ID, KRA, map of premises, signed consumer contract. One can get application forms by downloading them in the website page or collecting them from scheme offices.

How long would it take to get a new connection?

Within 5 working days of making payments and availing the prescribed fittings.

How does HOMAWASCO bill a consumer?

Depends on the difference between the previous meter reading and the current reading.

How do I get my monthly bills?

Domestic bills shall be communicated via SMS while manual bills will be delivered to institutional clients, so make sure you have your number registered with us. Please pay your bills on time to avoid cut-offs.

What is the timing of the billing cycle?

5th – 9th – Meter reading

10th – 13th -billing and maintenance

14th – 17th -Bill distribution

18th – 24th – Maintenance and bill reminders

25th to 04th – Revenue collection

Can a customer be able to read the meter?

Yes, HOMAWASCO encourages their customers to monitor they meter readings to be able to control their water consumption and incase of meter problems please report. Meter readers within the technical team shall also be responsible for meter reading, and each reader shall have their designated connections. However it is illegal to deny authorized Company staff access to water meters

Are there any charges for re-reading the meter?

Yes, for meter re-read a client is supposed to pay Kshs. 200

 Are there any charges for meter servicing?

Meter servicing are done after paying Kshs. 500.

How long does it take to be reconnected after paying the outstanding amount?
Water reconnection will be effected within 2 working days after paying all the balances (arrears).

Consequence of illegal connections, self-reconnections and unpaid bills?
A customer who does not pay their water bills are disconnected and charged a reconnection fee of  Kshs. 500. HOMAWASCO imposes a further penalty of  Kshs. 5,000 for self-reconnections and billing to be backdated from date of cut-off.

Surcharge of Kshs. 10,000 for illegal connection regularize connection.

How safe is HOMAWASCO water?

The technical team shall carry out regular water quality testing to ensure that water supplied by the utility meets the national guidelines for drinking water quality. Water testing results will be synthesized on a quarterly basis to provide an update on the utility’s water quality commitments.

Where can I pay my water bills?

No cash payments will be made to HOMAWASCO staff. For deposits and bills payments, the following channels shall be used:

  • Water bill payments
    • Mpesa Business Number: 169595; Account Numberconsisting of   Zone code + connection number
    • KCB A/C No:01102291730
    • Post Bank

How do I get water supplied by tanker / exhauster to my premises?

After making the required payments water will be delivered and exhausting service will be done.

How do I log a complaint?

The customer shall contact the Customer Care desk by email ; or, by phone number 0717 42 80 30 or visit Huduma Center.

How can I report leaks, sewer burst?

We want to urge our customers to report water leakages as soon as they occur either by calling or sending a text to 0717428030.

How will HOMAWASCO fight corruption among its employees?

Customers are asked to report any HOMAWASCO employee asking for bribes to the management.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Government Institutions
Consumption (/m3) Approved / Justified Tariff (KES/m3)
0 – 6 Fixed charge of KES 260
7 – 20 65
21 – 50 84
51 – 100 104
100 – 300 130
300 -> 169
Schools and Colleges
0-600 Fixed Charge KES.40
601-1200 50
1200-> 90
Water Kiosks
Per-m3 Fixed Charge KES.35
Resale at Water Kiosk
Per-20 Litres Fixed Charge KES.2

Meter Rent and other Services

Size Approved Charge (KES.)   Service Description Approved Charge (KES.)
½” 50 Special reading of a meter 200
¾” 50 Cutting off the supply at the request of the consumer 200
1” 250 Turning on the supply otherwise than in respect of a first connection 200
250 Turning on the supply after a disconnection for non-payment 500
2” 250 Water Bowser (own transport) per m3 180
450 Water Bowser by WSP 2500
3” 450 Testing a meter at the request of the consumer where it is not found to register incorrectly to any degree exceeding 5 percent The actual cost subject to a min charge of 500
4” 800 Exhauster Services (Company Exhauster) 5,000 for other customers and 4,000 for LIAs

Water Deposit Costs

Connection Type Approved Charge (KES.)
Domestic consumer (single dwelling) 1,500
Domestic consumer (single connection serving more than one single dwelling including flats) consuming more than 200 cubic metres 10,000
Water kiosks where anticipated monthly consumption is:
Less than 50m3 1,000
Between 50m3 and 100m3 2,000
Between 100m3 and 150m3 2,500
More than 150m3 3,000
Retail shops, workshops and offices consuming more than 10 cubic metres 3,000
Bar, restaurant and lodgings consuming more than 15 m3 5,000
Hospitals consuming more than 150 cubic metres 20,000
Minor construction site (temporary connection) consuming less than 200 cubic metres 10,000
Large construction site (temporary connection) consuming more than 200 metres 50,000
Light industries consuming less than 200 cubic metres 10,000
Medium industries consuming 200 to 300 cubic metres 15,000
Heavy industries consuming more than 300 cubic metres 20,000
Health centres/dispensaries consuming less than 150 cubic metres 5,000
Schools/colleges/other institutions consuming more than 200 cubic metres 10,000
Schools consuming less than 200 cubic metres 5,000

Sewerage charges

Connection type Cost
HH with water connection 75% of water bill
HH / Institutions with sewerage connection only Varies with # of toilets as stated in the consumer contract.

Why do we not receive regular water supply?

This is due to power outages, voltages fluctuations and water rationing